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Bigg Boss Tamil Voting Season 3 guide

Bigg Boss Tamil vote session 3
Bigg Boss Tamil session 3 voting

The show that took the Indian television by storm is coming back in the Tamil version for a third Season. Yes, we are talking about Bigg Boss Tamil Voting Season 3. Bigg Boss made a flashy entry through the Hindi television network and gained a lot of TRP in the first season itself. The main reason is that it was the first show with a unique format. Bigg Boss took a separate road. They can be celebrities or normal people. They have to stay in the same house for 100 days.

 Bigg Boss is apparently an unknown identity who gives instructions, guides for the tasks and makes announcements in the house through speakers. Nominations are an interesting topic where every participant conveys their views about who should be nominated and why. The format of Bigg Boss is the same throughout different languages.

Host on Session 3 

Bigg Boss Tamil session 3 hosting
Kamal Hassan

Bigg boss Tamil session 3 hosting is Kamal Hassan.

Bigg Boss Tamil Session 3 Promo

Rules of Bigg Boss

The format and rules are common through all the versions of Bigg Boss

  • No pacts and treaties

 A disclosure of any such activity will lead to heavy fines and disqualification from the show.

  • Language restrictions

Participants can only communicate in the language of the show. The major part of their speaking should be based on the regional descriptions of the show. In the Tamil version, participants have to communicate n Tamil language.

  • Restrictions on leaving the house premises

The participants cannot leave the Bigg Boss house without proper permission from the authorities. They can get some checkouts if there are emergency or important work-related matters. 

  • Cannot forfeit the show

Participants cannot forfeit their involvement in the middle of the season.  If a person forfeits the show in between, the studio can charge heavy fees of 50 Lakhs to 1 Crore rupees.

  • No discussion about nomination

The participants should not discuss the upcoming nomination process. This is an important rule to prevent collisions and discrimination in the house. Bigg Boss team tries to keep the contest fair and unbiased through these no-discussion and no-treaty rules.

  • No tampering with devices

The cameras and microphones are an essential part of monitoring the house and broadcasting it to the audience sitting in front of their TVs. Bigg Boss rules warn the participants about tampering and disturbance of electronic devices present in the house. They should not touch or influence the camera in any way.

  • No sleeping on Day Time 

Bigg Boss Tamil Voting online

The Tamil Bigg Boss is the second South Indian version of Bigg Boss. There is a Telugu Bigg Boss which was launched along with Bigg Boss Tamil. The first season of Tamil Big Bose aired in 2017 and it was an instant hit in Tamil. the host of Tamil Bigg Boss – Kamal Hassan.

The first season had prize money of 50 Lakh rupees and invited celebrities from the south to participate. Housemates lived for a total 98 days and a number of participants were 19. 19 participants were a large number and made the show very interesting and addictive right from the start. The slogan of the first season was “Can’t run, Can’t hide”. Along with the slogan, the team performed extensive marketing and hype generation which gave good results. The season ended on 25th June 2017 and the winner of the show was Arav (born as Nafeez Kizar).

The second season of Bigg Boss Tamil came out next year with the same prize money. The number of days in the house was 105 and the total participants were reduced to 17 from 19. The show was again hosted by Kamal Hassan. He took the show to new heights with his hosting. The show ended in June 2018 and Riythwika was declared a winner. The year saw high women participation rate and many prizes to them. The slogan of the show was “Who is good? Who is bad?”

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3

The new season is all set to roll out this month with its everlasting host. Bigg Boss Tamil has given rise to many controversies in southern states. The explicit actions, verbal violence, and aggressiveness have offended a lot of people. Bigg Boss Tamil 2019 will have the slogan “This is not only a show…It is our life”. The whole promotional campaign of the show this year has revolved around this slogan or motto. The recent promotional teaser of the show features Kamal Hassan. The people in the teaser saw themselves as monsters in the mirror. This is a very philosophical way of putting forward ideas. The teaser suggests that what they show in the show is actually every one of the audience. The show is a reflection of human standards. The teaser effectively delivers the idea that the show depicts your daily life. 

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3 is expected to have 14 participants this year. The season will be launched officially on 23 June 2019 with prize money of 50 Lakh rupees. The number of shows decided currently is 12.